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Business line for chronic disease management

Product line for industry market research—patient education

Pharmeyes’ chronic disease management services are to achieve medical treatment tracking of patients with chronic diseases in the pharmaceutical field, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of investment in the pharmaceutical industry and easing the contradiction between doctors and patients.

Product line for chronic disease management—Cloud Services of Community Hospital

to improve the competitiveness of hospitals and chain industry, solve the problems in medical treatment tracking service of patients with chronic disease, and strive to play an important role in the construction of closed-loop medical services for chronic disease in China.

Product line for chronic disease management—end-user management

Through customer service relying on the offline member club and online service marketing platform, to achieve customer brand introduction in the user end, lay a foundation for the continued growth of the brand and continue to increase market share.

Business line of market research

Industry market research

Pharmeyes’ market research is aimed at improving the decision-making effectiveness of pharmaceutical enterprises in the key therapeutic categories, making an analysis of the industry’s prospect and the product’s market trend, market acceptance degree and maturity, competition status and pattern through data collection, integration and processing in the therapeutic categories, and providing strong support for business management and other major policy decision-making.

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