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About Us

Shanghai Pharmeyes Health Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as: Pharmeyes Health) is a professional health management consulting firm that is committed to improving the effectiveness of sales of pharmaceutical enterprises, providing dealers and chain enterprises with a strong market share, providing hospitals with effective protection and management of patients, and providing patients with timely and effective chronic disease tracking. 

Established in 2016, Pharmeyes Health is a newly established company. But relying on Sinoeyes pharmaceutical talent accumulation, strong technical support, professional medical service capabilities, good customer reputation, information security and other strong guarantees, creating customer value-oriented Pharmeyes is advantageous to provide patients / users with integrated services in the chronic disease field via its business model of combined online information technology and offline service operating system, and provide one-stop health management solutions for the pharmaceutical health industry and all levels of medical institutions and chain businesses.

Our value is to help customers expand the brand influence and enhance the core competitiveness for future development while assisting them in achieving business goals. We hope to work with you to build a platform for joint development and multi-win-win situation, a platform that can promote the development of the industry and improve people's livelihood under the environment of China's new health care reform policy.

Specialized team

Working Experience

management of chain drug stores, Pharmeyes is the pioneer of China's early online drug stores and the practitioner of China's early O2O cross-industry pharmaceutical sales. It also has a wealth of valuable experience in building the national patient education platform, end-user management platform, chronic disease management system and Hospital HIS system, and connecting with dealers’ invoicing system.

Industry Experience

Have a wealth of industry experience in improving the effectiveness of sales of pharmaceutical enterprises and medical equipment companies, the market share of dealers and chain enterprises, the hospital admission and community management of chronic diseases, and the competitiveness of chain drug stores.

Service Scope

Chain drug stores, hospitals, medical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, dealers

Professional Qualification

Graduated from pharmaceutical major

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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